February 1st, 2013


Dear Cloud’s JeongAh (정아) leaves the band. Band to resume activities with new release.


We haven't heard much about Dear Cloud (디어클라우드) as a band since their 3rd album 'Bright Lights' was released in 2011. Meanwhile 9Nine (vocals of Dear Cloud) was successfully pursuing her solo career with series of singles and full length album '9Stories' in 2012. And now we have news from the band in a whole.
Recently band signed contract with Mymusic (엠와이뮤직), agency of Mate (메이트) member Jeong Joon Il (정준일) (band is now on hiatus due to mandatory military service of members). Mymusic also has contracts with Nangman Band (낭만유랑악단) and 9Nine (나인) as solo artist. As for now Dear Cloud plans to keep active and hold modern rock oriented performances.
Representative of Mymusic: "though Dear Cloud’s keyboardist JeongAh leaves the band (in order to study classic music), they are just being reorganized into 4 members band, also band is scheduled to release new material in April with following performances".
Dear Cloud formed in 2005 and debuted in 2007 with first album ‘Dear Cloud’, since that time being supported by many fans. Originally band consisted of 9Nine (나인) – vocals, YongRin (용린) - guitar, YiRang (이랑) - bass, KwangSeok (광석) - drums and JeongAh (정아) - keyboard.
On 6th and 7th of April band plans to hold solo concert in Seoul Olympic Hall.

Sourse: Star News via Nate