February 8th, 2013


Korea’s first Buddhist rock band hits stage


“Udumbara Band” surprises many with its unique title as the first Korean Buddhist music band.

Seven monks with musical talent passed an audition held last July and became members of Udumbara Band. They have been practicing for their debut since August 2012.

Udumbara is a plant that flowers, according to Buddhist legend, once every 3,000 years. The band was named after this plant to celebrate the first Buddhist music band to be formed in Korean Buddhism’s long history.

The band is made up of qualified musicians. Ven. Hyejang, the band’s leader who came up with the idea for the group, has played music since he was a teenager. Saxophonist Ven. Daewon and contrabassist Ven. Jawoon majored in applied music in college. All members have been practicing their instruments for more than 20 years.

Udumbara Band aims to actively communicate with Korean youth, who typically consider Buddhism an outdated religion. It plans to play various modern music genres, such as pop and jazz.

Udumbara Band will hold its inauguration ceremony in Daegu city in March.

Source: Korea Herald

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