February 13th, 2013


Crying Nut Sues CN Blue for Using Song without Permission

The battle of the bands begin as Crying Nut sues CN Blue for copyright infringement.

According to Crying Nut’s agency CEO, Kim Woong, on February 13, CN Blue has covered Crying Nut’s 2002 World Cup song, Offside on Mnet’s M Countdown without permission.

The performance was also inserted into a DVD, which was then sold in Japan, causing Drug Records to file a lawsuit against FNC Entertainment, demanding 40,000,000 won in damages.

CN Blue performed Offside on June 27, 2010’s broadcast of M Countdown. The performance was part of the CN Blue Special DVD, which was released in August of the same year.

Crying Nut argued that CN Blue also only pretended to play the instruments with the original track of Offside playing in the background and violated the copyright and neighboring rights.

Crying Nut added that the company that published the DVDs as well as the company that bought the publication rights have already come to a mutual agreement with the band.

However, FNC Entertainment claimed innocence.

“At the said performance, the staff at M Countdown made a sudden request for the performance and CN Blue rose to stage with the MR that the staff provided. As rookies, CN Blue couldn’t refuse. We didn’t know the staff played Crying Nut’s original track,“ stated FNC Entertainment. “We are just finding out about the DVD sales as well. The DVD company included the footage without asking us.”

The company claimed that it is also a victim and will hold the broadcast station responsible.

Photo Credit: FNC Entertainment, Drug Records

P.S. Sorry, but CN Blue are already in the second lawsuit with indie musicians. Remember that case with Ynot? I don't think that it is coinsidence.

Source: enewsworld.mnet.com