February 28th, 2013


Rock band Nemesis (네미시스) to return with new release Part 2. '드림(DREAM)'


Modern rock band Nemesis to return with new album Part 2 Dream. Digital version was already released on 28th of February and physical copy would be available on 5th of March. Part 1 ‘더 피아노(The Piano)’ was released more than year and a half ago. And if strength and splendor were reinforced to emphasize The Piano release, Dream takes ballad as it’s main part. To support release of new album Nemesis will participate in concerts on 03/16 at KT&G SangSang Madang, on 03/23 at Uniqlo-AX Hall and since April band is going to have Korea tour paying visit to Busan and Daegu. Nemesis is used to be called the band presenting sort of visual key style at the korean stage. They are bringing beautiful piano-guitar melodies with strong vocal.

Here is audio of title track:

Source: Herald via Nate.com, SonyMusicKorea


The Nuts (더넛츠) released full music video for 사랑노트

the nuts

The Nuts debuted in 2004 with album of the same name. Originally consisted of five members, then two members withdrawed and left Kim WooKyung (김우경), Park Joon Sik (박준식) and Ji Hyun Woo (지현우). Last mentioned became well known actor with dramas 'A thousand kisses', 'Birth of great man'. Also maybe you've seen him in 'Mr.Idol'.
Anyway since 2009 the band was inactive and in 2013 it's agency Paramount Music decided to change band members and took two singing guys: Jung Yi Hun (정이한) (1987, guitar, piano) and SungKyul (성결) (1991, bass).
On 28nd of February they released new single called predictably simbolic 'Rebirth'.
But the outcome is not that bad, floating somewhere near modern rock with clear vocal lines and easy following melody. Watch the music video and tell what do you think about the song?

If you like those guys here is official twitter and cafe on daum

Source: starIN, RealTheNuts