March 30th, 2013


Rose Motel Returns With 1st Full Length Album

"Bongsuki" 's flaky man, the band Rose Motel returns with their first regular-length album.

[Rose Motel's First Album]
In 2012 they competed with the representatives of Korean rock like Pia, Daybreak, Mongni, Romantic Punch, and Transfixion, etc, on top band survival competition, KBS' TOP Band Season 2. Neither good looking pretty boys nor charismatic men, Rose Motel's compelling members have a sly stage presence, and with honest lyrics and sweet vocals they brought out the charm of "Bongsuki" that captivated the audience.

Although they were eliminated from TOP Band 2's final 8th round, audiences still recall their live performances after the broadcast and while 2012 was a busy year for Rose Motel who were liased for many live performances, festivals, radio and even CF deals, they are preparing take a new leap in 2013 and hope to bring fans a new full-length album.

Including "Bongsuki" and other beloved songs, they've added new songs to complete Rose Motel's first full length album which will consist of a relatable 70s and 80s retro feel, with songs that bring back old sentimentality, memories of relationship and distant longing that anyone can empathize with even in this independent adult society.

Ahead of their full album release on the 30th of April, Rose Motel have already begun celebratory performance preparation by giving fans that come to see Rose Motel at the venue a sneak peek of their new tracks. From the props to the stage direction of the performances, elements of the 70s and 80s vibe is brought out to tie in with the album's retro concept, showing that rock bands are favoured by all generations and not exclusively the young. Enthusiasts that enjoy the Chrysenthemum Song era, from the middle aged that remember the old days to the young who appreciate new cultures are expected to enjoy it.

Be the first to hear Rose Motel's new songs live at "Rose Motel 1st Album Release Commemoration Performance" on the 27th of April at KT&G Sangsang Madang Live Hall.

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