April 1st, 2013


GoGo Star to Represent South Korea at SOTX 2013 Beijing

[GoGo Star at SOTX 2013]
Advocates of disco punk rock new wave, band GoGo Star will be representing South Korea at the China Music Conference and Showcase Festival 'Sound Of The City (SOTX 2013) from 2nd to 5th April.

Held in Beijing, China, this music festival expects to be a meeting of musicians, industry officials, festival performances and band showcases from around the world.

In related news, GoGo Star released their latest digital single "God of Snowy Fields" (설원의 신) on the 8th of February and are continuing their promotional activities.

GoGo Star will also be playing The Ruckus Wedding at Uniqlo AX Hall with NoBrain, Crying Nut, Galaxy Express and Rux on the 20th of April.

Source: Sportsworldi.com, GoGo Star Official Facebook page
Photo Source: SOTX 2013 Offcial Website
Translation: Taring @ Krockisreal 

Korean indie/rock releases of the week (03.25-03.31)

As always here is list of releases of the previous week. I'm very happy to see the first album of rock band The Crack and the return of Pajama Zingo or just Jingo, vocalist of SuperKidd. He was serving in the army for two years and I was waiting for his return with impatience. And so it is. With new single and the upcoming concerts. And what were you waiting for?

Coreyah (고래야)
1집 Whale Of A Time

Release date: 2013.03.25
Watch MV for 넘어갔네 (Attracted)
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[MV] Remnants of the Fallen - God Idolatry

Video from 'korean metal rebels' for song from album 'Perpetual Immaturity REDUX'

Korea's REMNANTS OF THE FALLEN: 'God Idolatry' Video Released

Korean Metal Rebels REMNANTS OF THE FALLEN have premiered their latest video for the song "God Idolatry" .The song comes off the band's Debut album, "Perpetual Immaturity REDUX", which was made available on Feb 25 Worldwide via Itunes.

The CD was Mastered by Dan Swano (EDGE OF SANITY.OMNIUM GATHERUM) of Uni Sound Studios in Sweden. The artwork was created by Gustavo Sazes , who has previously worked with KAMELOT, ANGRA , ARCH ENEMY and SONIC SYNDICATE, among many others.

Discussing the song's lyrical inspiration, Bassist Jin Lee says: ""Christans leaders and followers often regard their belief as the absolute path to righteousness and deem other religions as false idolatry. 'God Idolatry' explains how christianity is no different in the eyes of atheists and other religious people."

Source: smnnews, Remnants of the Fallen on Facebook