April 20th, 2013


Korea Rocks UK tour - interview with Galaxy Express, Apollo 18, Gate Flowers and Goonam

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I hope most of you already know about the upcoming Korea Rocks UK tour that features acclaimed korean indie/rock bands Galaxy Express, Apollo 18, Gate Flowers and Goonamguayeoridingstella (or just Goonam for short). The tour is being presented by Hyundai Card Music, who have been offering support to Korean bands of late. I think this tour is an important milestone for the Korean indie scene as some bands have been performing in North America as part of Seoulsonic or solo tours, but none have visited Europe before. Well, now the time has come, ladies and gentlemen!
The tour will start in less than a week with the first show taking place on the 24th of April and the entrance fee is ... actually there is no entrance fee for the shows in Tunbridge Wells, London and Manchester! You will need tickets or wristbands only for the festival shows at Focus Wales and Liverpool Sound City. Everything was made for you, my dear European friends. So please, don't ignore the perfect chance to experience the storm of pure Korean rock energy.

April 24: Tunbridge Wells, England at Tunbridge Wells Forum
April 26: Wrexham, Wales at The Bank (Focus Wales)
April 27: Wrexham, Wales at Yales Café Bar (Focus Wales)
April 28: London, England at Barfly
May 1: Manchester, England at Night & Day Café
May 3: Liverpool, England at Studio 2 (Liverpool Sound City)
May 4: Liverpool, England at Kazimier Gardens (Liverpool Sound City)

For those who follow 'Korean Rock is Real' all these bands should be familar. So let’s let them speak for themselves about the upcoming tour. The interviewees are Jonghyun Park, Galaxy Express guitarist; Daeinn Kim, Apollo 18 bassist; Ung Joh, Goonam guitarist; Seungshik Yeom, Gate Flowers guitarist. Enjoy!

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Source: Korea Rocks, gf4rock, Hyundai Card Web, EBSSpace

Links for those who want to know more about bands:

Galaxy Express: Site, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, SoundCloud
Apollo 18: Site, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, SoundCloud
Gate Flowers: Site, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, SoundCloud
Goonam: Site, Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud