June 4th, 2013


Rock도 Vol. 4: Turn Out The Lights


Rock도, Live Club KeuKeu & Exit Six present:

On June 15, a fundraiser show for the upcoming free Rockdo Music Festival will take place at Club Keu Keu in Apgujeong. In line with their mission to help spread the indie music scene to all parts of Korea, the Rockdo team has chosen the traditionally high end, club oriented area of Cheongdam for their next show. Club Keu Keu itself is a very experimental art and music venue in the heart of Cheongdam, sometimes feeling like an invasion of Hongdae culture in a foreign land. If the line up for this show is any indication, featuring 12 excellent bands ranging from the well known rock band Yalgaedle (얄개들), the brilliant veteran shoegaze band Vidulgi OoyoO, to the more obscure but equally interesting female vocal grunge band 0Sinho and a chillwave artist called Titan Slang, then the Rockdo festival itself should be monumental. One of the unique aspects of Rockdo is its commitment to promoting the best music in the indie scene, no matter the size of a band's following. To the Rockdo people, good music and good music, and good music deserves to be heard. So on June 15, be sure to catch this can't miss show at Club Keu Keu and contribute to the creation of this great free event later this summer!

Check the event here on Facebook for details.

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