June 24th, 2013


YB to return with 9th album ‘Reel Impulse’.


YB, one of the most accomplished Korean rock bands is scheduled to return with the 9th full-length album. 4 years and 3 months passed since they released their 8th full-length '共存 (공존)'. But it doesn’t mean that they were keeping silence, not at all. YB since that time released several singles, for example '흰수염고래 (Blue Whale)' in 2011 and 'Madman' in collaboration with hip-hop duo Leessang.
As the title ‘reel’ hints on the real music, the band used ‘one take’ method of recording that meant for them hours of practice before recording and required lots of concentration while in the studio.
And the YB site already teases us with the short videos showing reaction of Psy, Leessang, Jang Kiha and Suzy to be amazed with the music.
Hope that tomorrow we also won't be disappointed.

Btw, here is new daum cafe for the YB to follow: cafe.daum.net/yb9.
Also for those outside Korea you can already preoder the album here on YesAsia

Source: hyangmusic.com, YB youtube

P.S. I'm so excited!!!