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Seo Taiji's "Moai: The Film" to be released on Blu-Ray

On September 14th, Seo Taiji uploaded a highlight to his 8th album's movie, "Atomos." On February 23rd, according to Seo Taiji's agency, his 8th album "ATOMOS," which was previously released in 2008, will be on sale and will include the Blu-Ray disc of the music video for "The Film."

The Blu-ray will include a making of music video with narration, as well as the music video itself and the production behind it. It will also have interviews with the band members, staff, and the story behind

Seo Taiji's music videos "Human Dream," "Bermuda (Triangle)," "Julia," "Coma," and fans can also enjoy the bands own songs in the "BANDSHOT" version.

The total run time is 5 hours and 21 minutes with 2 Blu-Rays and 2 DVDs. It will be released on February 23rd as a limited edition.

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