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Korean rock is real
news and more about Korean rock/indie/metal and other non-pop scene
2011 in Korean Indie music reviews 
2nd-Jan-2012 03:43 pm

Wow, what a great year for korean indie musicians! Step by step they are coming out from the back of huge monster called "kpop".
And while searching through year-end reviews you can see how many bloggers are now writing about korean indie.

So, I prepared overall (or almost) view to 2011 year end ratings and charts.

Chris Park of wakesidevision compaired a list of his best albums in 2011. Chris in his blog gives us almost every week (if not every day) reviews of great indie albums, btw not only korean. And if not Chris I would never know many of bands.

New blog for me, but with metions of my favorite musicians it's worth reading. Muzakally Inclined just presents to it's readers a list of albums. But with Goonamguayeoridingstella and Mongoose included it gives evidence that author is not only listening to bands like 10 cm and Jang Kiha and the Faces that almost everybody interested in korean indie heard of.

McRoth's Residence presents best mini-albums for 2011
Happy to see that while in the list there are kpop singers on the first place guys put W&Whale, band that shines on the indie scene with the Whales' charming voice and electronic arrangement of her bandmates.

At strangeseasons.blogspot.com editor of fuckyeahkindie.tumblr presents it's own list, which is devided into several parts. And first we can see list of top 10 songs of 2011.
Although I'm probably too old to understand tumblr scheme, music and all that is published at fuckyeahkindie is great. Follow it, if you have tumblr account.

And at the end of the list is mega-post, created by editor of hellokpop.com. I was really surprised when I saw those artists chosen to be the best. Really, why on earth at the site dedicated to pop there are so many indie artists? Think that somehow it is a good sign.

So, let's start with links to hellokpop and my joy and happiness for some artists.
Part 1 - Introduction where you can read a bit about "I'm a singer" show.
Part 2 - Best in R'n'b & Soul where on the top is Urban Zakapa
Part 3 - Best in Rock/Alternative My favorite section)) Huckleberry Finn is a great band! I got a chance to see them live and be introduced to them. While performing on the stage they are making you floating on the waves of energy, and you can't stop^^
Part 4 - Best in Dance/Electronica. Oh, really. Who else besides Idiotape?
Part 5 - Best in Rap/Hip-hop
Part 6 - Best in Pop/Ballad. Dear author of this list. I love you just for not putting on the top any of idols. But Yi Sung Yol with album "Why We Fail". This man deserves all the best just for making such music from the bottom of the heart.
Part 7 - Best in Crossover/Jazz/Miscellaneous. Placing first Sentimental Scenery with album Soundscape.
Part 8 - Best in Performances And on the top is Jaurim's Kim Yuna with performance for "I'm a singer"
Part 9 - Labes of the Year. And the winner is... Pastel Music! Really sweet home for many indie musicians.
Part 10 - Best OST of the Year. And here is Yim Jae Beum with City Hunter's OST. Recently Yim Jae Beaum received popularity for participating in programme "I'm a singer" and this year was for him rather successfull cause he even had a tour (half for TV programme) through US.
Part 11 - Rookie artist of the year. NeonBunny!
Part 12 - Song of the Year. Ok, I like 2NE1, but please bring me a bit of XXOK by the Koxx^^
Part 13 - Album of the Year. And again! Yi Sung Yol!
Part 14 - Artist of the Year. Ok, at least here as honorable mention we can see Boohwal. Band that is the legend of korean rock.
Part 15 - Wrap Up. Almost every year-end chart collected here. Great job!

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