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Korean rock is real
news and more about Korean rock/indie/metal and other non-pop scene
Beam Eyes Beam short interview for krockisreal 
30th-Jan-2012 03:14 pm

The first time when I heard about Beam Eyes Beam was when they released music video for New Moon of their second single and at once realized that I want to listen more of them. Band is counting it’s history from the 2009, although they released first single in 2011. Before that time guys participated in Fuji TV new year festival, made guest appearance in Propeller 21 show and ranked #1 in local chart for Seoul at Reverbnation among other rock bands. Please take a look at the video for New Moon before going further.

This melody with the good balance of voice and guitar caught my attention and I found myself digging info about the band. But for me it wasn’t enough to have band’s tistory and twitter) That’s why I asked guys to answer several questions to introduce band. Ero.G kindly agreed and even transferred some answers of other band members.

Ero Guitar: First of all, it's my very first time to get an interview. I am so excited. I hope I can give you the good answer for the all the questions.

Oki, my name is Ero Guitar, of course that's my nick name which I've been using for a long time. Our members are: vocal for Mean, guitar for Ero Guitar, bass for Soon, piano for Limo and drum for Natsu.

I read your tistory and found out that almost all of you were performing with other bands.
Ero Guitar: I was playing for the rock band called Popstore(2003-2008) and currently I'm playing for two bands 'Gayo Top 10' which is project band group and Beam Eyes Beam.
‘Gayo Top 10’ is the project band who plays re-making songs for 80s-90s Korean pop. Maybe it has got some similarity to American bands (like 'Me first and the Gimme Gimmes').
As for Bean Eyes Beam we play our own songs.
Both bands are absolutely attracted to me to play in.

Mean: I started my band life in club 'Drug' with Beach valley, ska punk band. After that I played for couple of bands.

Soon: I started with band called 'Odd Eye' the melo punk band. And played for more bands such as Popstore and 99Anger.

Natsu: I was with soon for ' Odd Eye'. I stopped for a while and I returned for ' Beam Eyes Beam' drummer .

Limo: I hadn't really particularly been in the rock band before, I am the pianist for some jazz clubs.

Why did you choose this name for band? What does it mean?
Well, it doesn't have got a big meaning behind. If we need to put some good explanation for our band name ... 'Ok we are looking at you directly when we are on the stage' Yea, giving you the eye contact!

Please describe your music.
Figuratively speaking, it's youth. Sometimes it can be the song in praise of youth, sometimes it sings for nameless longing of youth .

Who is responsible for lyrics and music in your band, how do you create songs?
We are making the tune first before write for lyrics.
Ero Guitar composed till this album ( Newmoon-November 2011) and Mean wrote the lyrics.
For our new album which comes out in 2012, Soon (Bass) also will be participating in composing.
Advance information! It will be milder than last album, a bit lighter.

Which korean bands are your favorite? With what band do you like to perform on one stage?
Hmm... Hard to say that... We can perform with teams we already like. Our favorite bands are (we won't name the famous ones here) Driver Shower, RuRuRu, The Strikers, Propeller 21... etc . Everyone have been playing for a long time and are amazing bands but not well known in Korea. Some of them are more popular even in Japan. In Korea rock music isn't the major one. For many bands it is hard to be on the music market and they don’t have any PR methods. They are not financially supported in Korea’s music market . We are not blaming anyone we just want to give a respect to old bands who have been doing bands for a long time in such a hard condition. Well, I have started my band since 1998 but am not well known one. Hahaha.

What are you doing besides music? (working, studying or anything else?)
Ero Guitar: playing games on iPhone, fishing , travelling, listening to music, sometimes composing songs. I love to travel but I prefer to be at home doing something.

Mean: I'm the real soccer maniac. I play the soccer every Sunday with my mates even in a bad weather.

Soon: ride for bmx and skate board. Finally I did my jump. I'm practicing to reach to higher level.

Limo: beside doing band, I am the jazz piano teacher . When I don't have the tour or band practice, I spend my time teaching students. Maybe drinking is my only habit?

Natsu: I like to write. I studied creative writing in my university. When I am not writing my novel then I play computer games.

What are your plans for the future? Tour over Korea? Participating in festivals?
We have got countless plans. We would like to have a tour in Japan or America . Ah! We would just love to have a show in Whitebay. Hahahahahaha.
Our goal is to produce another one single album in 2012 and if we'll be lucky we would like to release our complete album. Also we are thinking of doing our own concert.
We might to be able to do the tour in Korea but as we said above, rock music isn't popular so we are not sure if that would be possible.
We can go to the one rock festival if we play hard! Hahahaha. Of course we like the stage of the big festivals but we prefer to play in a small clubs where our real fans come for us, our music.

Ero.G also said that we can wait for the 2nd EPisode in the spring and as for me, I'll be waiting with impatience to see the another side of their music.

Please follow the band:

And as a present for you, here is another version of New Moon, official one.

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