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Korean rock is real
news and more about Korean rock/indie/metal and other non-pop scene
Short interview with korean rock band Nukie 
23rd-Feb-2012 08:46 pm


It is not an easy thing to find really good sound touching your soul. It is not an easy thing to find this sound in rock (at least for me). And of course it is not an easy thing to find really good rock sound among all this soft melodies and dance catchy idol songs which produce Korea every day. That's why I'm jumping and almost yelling when I hear smth great. Do you know how I recognize those gems of rock? Goosebumps! That is rather simple but happens rearly.

There are several bands which are not famous. Btw, it is strange "inception" thing - there are few levels of popularity of indie rock bands. Popularity among Hongdae playground inhabitants, then goes clubs goers, then audience of any festivals and somehow there is a gap until band finds record company and producer. And then comes music videos and little by little more people are listening to the band's music. (Of course it is not the rule and only my point of view).

But I can't wait for the music video to tell you about the band Nukie. And I can't wait for any other trigger to tell you about this band. Can I write a post per week about guys? (Joking). 
Anyway, I highly recommend you to listen single "재갈" which was released on 17th of January. It consist of three songs: 세레나데, 재갈, 펭귄, all three of them are sincerely quite good to pleasure my heart of rock/metal/alternative metal lover. If you think that it is only my imagination, please listen to the title track 재갈:

So what do you think? How is it?

And now we start with the interview. I want to introduce you SooJong Yoon (윤수종) vocals and guitar of the band, who was so kind that agreed to answer several questions.

First of all, we’d like to thank you for having an interest in our band.
This interview is the very first one of Nukie, officially or unofficially.

Can you introduce yourself and other band members?

My name is SooJong Yoon, a Vocalist and Guitarist of nukie.
We are a three-member rock band.
Vocal & Guitar: 윤수종(SooJong Yoon)
Bass: 오야생조래광현 (YaSaengJoRaeKwangHyun Oh a.k.a. OhYa, a.k.a. YaSaeng, a.k.a. KwangHyun Oh)
Drums: 채광명 (KwangMyung Chae)

When and how was Nukie formed?

Few years ago I came up with the idea of this band and finally scouted these guys after several shifts in the member composition.
I met OhYa while I was serving the military duty. (All men in Korea have to do military service mandatorily) We were members of Korea Coast Guard Orchestra.
I’ve got to know KwangMyung through a friend of mine in the music filed.
We performed individually and sometimes together in other music projects. When previous members of nukie left the band, I suggested these two guys join the band.

Why did you chose name 'Nukie'? What does it mean?

I made up the band name based on the following idea.
“nukie = nuclear + rookie”
Nukie means the rookie and new kids with the influence of nuclear weapon-level.

How can you describe your music?

It’s very hard for us to describe our music by ourselves.
We like metal but our music is not metal. Then, is it alternative? No. Others might call our music hard rock but that doesn’t fit my opinion either. Just rock. We are not defining a boundary to our music.

You recently released EP 재갈, what are you planing to do in the future?

We are planning to shoot the video for one or two songs included in ‘재갈’ and are preparing things to release a full-length album. With these, we will continue to do lots of live performances.

Where are you performing, what clubs? How many gigs did you have already?

We don’t stick to one club for our performance.
We are ready to perform wherever we are wanted.
Please, give us a call. If you want, we can go to and perform in Russia.

Which bands are your favorite? Korean and from other countries?

Three of us have very different tastes in music and musicians. Since the number of favorite bands is numerous, it is hard to name all of them.
Recently, we’ve started to have interests in Korean traditional music.

How do you create music and lyrics?

Generally, each member comes up with an idea individually and then it is completed as one tune in the studio. For lyrics, one person completes creating it at times but mostly we add comments to the drafts of lyrics and complete it together.
The band nukie has the direction of expressing as freely as we can in the range of rock music while delivering the message to the world.
I’m not sure our lyrics deliver the messages well enough to others because our lyrics are written in Corean (hopefully, they are delivered well). Our lyrics are political and aggressive in a way. We are too angry to sing love and peace in the spirit of rock. We write lyrics regarding social imbalance, resistance against vested rights, and struggle for liberty putting the story about love and peace aside for a while.

Once again, we really appreciate for your interests toward us.
Thank you.

And now you have chance to watch live performance of Penguin:

and Serenade:

If you like the music, please follow the band:



Official Site

26th-Feb-2012 09:15 pm (UTC)
Thank you for this interview! I just finished listening to 재갈 and it was BAM! straight to core of my being, that feel of the bass resonating in my chest (it felt like the first time I listened to Incubus or Siam Shade). I'll follow this band for sure
27th-Feb-2012 06:52 pm (UTC)
I'm sooooooo happy, that you read this interview and even listened to the band!
They are really great and really opened to new listeners!
Please follow them and support!
27th-Feb-2012 07:54 pm (UTC)
Loved the band to bits! They are great! (I'm already following them on Facebook)
I write in a local Asian music blog (I'm in charge of the k-rock section mainly) and already recommended them to our readers. Hope they'll get a lot of new listeners.
In fact, I'm planing to review the album with more detail.
I'm really thankful for this interview. It's good! Did you interview them in person?
28th-Feb-2012 03:00 am (UTC)
oh! for what blog do you write? could you give a link?

unfortunately I wasn't doing interview in person, but we were emailing with SooJong. Hope when I come to korea this summer I'll see them alive)
28th-Feb-2012 07:08 pm (UTC)
The blog it's called XiahPop (http://xiahpop.com). It's in Spanish, though (I'm from Argentina).

I commented on their Facebook page and SooJong added me as a friend, he looks like a nice guy :D Hope you'll be able to see them live when you travel to Korea, it must be great to be able to experience the rock scene directly!

I just found they have nukie's single on YesAsia so I'm definitely buying it ^___^
29th-Feb-2012 06:07 am (UTC)
kkk... think, that I soon will be buying albums through YesAsia either... soribada began to lack((

I'm sooo looking forward to see them performing live, really) And agree that being there is such a memorable experience. Previous year I had a chance to interview Apollo 18, have you read this post? And they were really nice to me, trying to explain themselves in english.

I'll try to look at your blog, it is a good thing for sure.
19th-Apr-2012 03:34 pm (UTC)
Wow! Somehow I missed this comment ^^;;; Sorry for replying so late!
I haven't read your interview to Apollo 18 yet, I'm going to read it right now :D
19th-Apr-2012 04:04 pm (UTC)
please tell me your opinion afterwards)
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