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Korean rock is real
news and more about Korean rock/indie/metal and other non-pop scene
Korean Rock is Real interview with band Gutz (거츠) 
29th-Sep-2012 04:45 pm
Gutz 프로필사진

I got acquainted with Jun DooHee, vocalist of rock band Gutz (거츠) at Mirrorball Music Show in August this year but actually I know their music since 2010 when they released first full-length album. That was time for me just to start krocking and Gutz was one of that bricks building my faith in korean rock scene. While seeing them on scene you really feel the energy of rock and which is pleasant for English-speakers most of the lyrics is in English. DooHee kindly agreed to answer several questions.

So here is short interview.

Could you introduce your band?

We are Gutz.
Jun, Doohee – Vocal/Guitar
Kim, Nahabby – Organ/Keyboard
Lee, Hyunjae – Bass
Kim, Sunmi – Drum

Gutz Poster 2

Gutz began it’s career in 2005 as Groopy69 (not Groupie69). As name tells you we worshiped the year 1969 which had the most glorious days of Rock’n’Roll and Festivals.
We played like Cream, J.H. Experience, The Doors and sometimes like Nirvana. And as the band evolved we began making our originality and our sound. In 2010 we released our 1st album [Gutz]. It’s 10 various styles of songs – from psychedelic blues rock to grunge and industrial sound – that shows the history of Gutz.

With that album we toured not only in Hongdae scene but also many local clubs. And we also toured in Japan – Tokyo Shinjuku and Yokohama. And the album got many compliments from the critics in Korea and awards. You can also see the album is on [Hall of Fame] of ‘Naver’ – which is the biggest portal site in Korea.
And with some changes and enhancing of members we released new EP [PUSH] recently. This album shows the present and progress of Gutz.


What is your goal as a band? What do you want to say with your music?

We want people to get touched with our music just like the legendary musicians (you know) touched us. We want to show the hot, sensual and poetic “Rock” which we think “the Rock” should be.

How can you describe your music?

Sensual rage

Which song of Gutz is your favorite one?

In new album – Push, Remember Me.

PUSH at Mirrorball Music Show

What are your plans for the future? Maybe another full length album?

With our new and best members that Gutz has ever had, yes, we will do the 2nd full length album. And will also play on many stages as we can to get closer to Rock maniacs and crowd.

(e.n. I think the band also has a maniac as member^^ It is keyboardist who is incredible on stage sometimes playing with his head, legs and other parts of body)

If talking about Korean indie scene, where is your place there?

Of course we are pro on music scene. We are the ones of the best. You can see it when you listen to our album and see our concert.

What do you want foreign lovers of Korean rock to know about your band and Korean rock scene in a whole?

I hope you listen to Gutz albums and come to the concerts if you can.
And as the Korean Rock scene gets bigger, it has hot and unique bands. They are comparable to other, Rock-origin countries bands.

Some words to “Korean rock is real”:

Thanks for having interview with Gutz. Please keep your eyes and ears on Gutz and Rocking!

Someone like you

Buy [PUSH] EP at YesAsia
Follow the band:

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