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Korean indie/rock releases of the week (02.18-02.24)

Sooo. Another bunch of releases. This week I was totally impressed and charmed by Small O, side project of four guys from Eastern Sidekick plus female vocalist and accordionist Park Ji Hae; also worth mentioning is Norwegian Wood with music making me floating in dreams. And there's a return of Novasonic member NieN with his self EP.
And what are your choices of this week?

Norwegian Wood (노르웨이안 우드)
Realize the Real Lies [EP]

Release date: 2013.02.18
Watch live performance of Pinocchio, title song

Kim Yong (김용)
내일도오늘 [EP]

Release date: 2013.02.18
Watch MV for 내일도오늘

V.A. - Found Tracks Vol. 30

Release date: 2013.02.18
Listen full album on soundcloud

CoreMagazine (코어매거진)
Peep [EP] (repackaged version)

Release date: 2013.02.19
Watch Dance performed live
Buy on YesAsia

Yagwangbyeol (야광별)
모두의 스루패스 [single]

Release date: 2013.02.20
Listen to 모두의 스루패스

NieN (Jung Gu Hyun, ex. Novasonic member)
The First Hope [EP]

Release date: 2013.02.20
Listen to preview of the EP

Sultan of the Disco (술탄 오브 더 디스코)
1집 The Golden Age

Release date: 2013.02.20
Watch trailer for Golden Age
Buy on YesAsia

HaHyunYong Band (하현용밴드)

Release date: 2013.02.20
Watch live performance of Aurora
Buy on iTunes

NUV (너브)
Engage [single]

Release date: 2013.02.20

Damagia (데미지아)
Emotion Complex [EP]

Release date: 2013.02.20
Listen preview of the EP

Standing Egg (스탠딩 에그)
시간이 달라서 [single]

Release date: 2013.02.20
Watch teaser for 시간이 달라서

Small O (스몰오)
That Will Fall [EP]

Release date: 2013.02.21
Watch MV for That Will Fall
Buy on YesAsia

Off the Record. Music meets Road
Galaxy Express

Release date: 2013.02.21
Watch 호롱불
Watch 언제까지나

SpielPlatz (슈필플라츠)
지금 우리 얘기 [EP]

Release date:
Live performance of Beautiful
Buy on YesAsia

오한승밴드 (OBAND)
Like a Mirror [single]

Release date: 2013.02.22

Animal Friends (애니멀 프렌즈)
눈이되고싶어요 [single]

Release date: 2013.02.22

Ha Hyun Gon Factory (하현곤 팩토리)
하팩 캘린더 2013년 2월 [single]

Release date: 2013.02.22

Kim Kyung Ho (김경호)
10집 共存 - Part 01 -Sunset

Release date: 2013.02.22

Sweden Laundry (스웨덴세탁소)
단 한 번도 넌 [single]

Release date: 2013.02.22
Listen to:
단 한 번도 넌
쓰여지지 않은 삶

Park Ga Eul (박가을)
Play Games [single]

Release date: 2013.02.22
Listen to 밀당 (밀고 당기기)

홍갑 2 [EP]

Release date: 2013.02.22
Listen to 봄이 돈다
Buy on YesAsia

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