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GOGOBOYS (고고보이스) release special project single "Collective composing: 척한사람"


On 14th of March rock’n’roll band Gogoboys (고고보이스) released single album that was prepared and composed together with netizens.
Gogoboys started this project on 2nd of January this year through SNS with recruiting group of 11 people who worked during two months to release this single. Interaction with exchanging samples of lyrics, composing and getting feedback on the work was done also through SNS.

How many people totally were involved in this project? Four members of Gogoboys, 11 netizens chosen and more than 3500 people responding for the project. Incredible number, right?
To see the outcome here is video from Today Express

Source:, eunju8601

Tags: !article, gogo boys

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