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Rock band PIA (피아) releases summer single ‘O’.


Band PIA continues to bring joy to it's fans with numerous singles. In March they released "내 봄으로", in May they participated in OST to Drama ‘Man in Love’ and now new and hot single track ‘O’ released today, 27th of June.
This track was composed by Shimji and got lyrics from Ok Yohan. Song is about one-sided love (you can hear words ‘I want you. I wanna hold you. Why don’t you wanna hold me’) and the title itself is the shorten version of want or wan (원) and is supported with hieroglyphic figure.
Despite the previous intense and strong sound this single has smooth and light tone so don’t expect to hear something like ‘old Pia’ just enjoy the love / serenade song.
You can buy single on various korean online music sites.


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