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Mnet’s 20’s Choice. Vote for your favorite indie/rock acts


Each year Mnet is holding “20′s choice” awards that is supposed to uncover the year’s culture trends through the eyes of the 20s generation. Actors, bands and singers who have been active from the first week of August 2012 to the first week of June 2013 are nominated. Online votes count for 50%, a 20s poll for 30% and judge scores for 20%.
Besides the flood of Korean hallyu wave acts that are presented on the voting pages we have the one category named ‘Hot Band’ where we can select our favorite indie/rock acts.
And those are this year: Daybreak, Romantic Punch, J Rabbit, Idiotape and Galaxy Express. Also you can find Daybreak’s Sad Mannequin in ‘Hot Cover’ category

The 2013 MNET 20s Choice Awards will be held on July 18, 2013 at the Korea Exhibition Center.

Voting is opened from June 27 till July 17. You can vote for each category once per day, per account. Voting is worldwide, so take your chance to choose your favorites. Link:


P.S. as for me I'll be voting for rock bands, try to guess their names^^
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